*Terms & Conditions

FlightGuard48 is a paid Additional Service offered to provide customers with extra protection in case of the flight cancellation by the air Carrier occurring within 48 hours before scheduled flight departure permitted on a one-time occurrence per Booking basis.
You may purchase FlightGuard48 prior to the completion of your Booking for a fee that shall be displayed or otherwise communicated to you within the offer. If the offer to purchase FlightGuard48 displayed to you after the completion of your Booking, unless explicitly stated otherwise within the offer, the following shall apply:
if there is any indication about the expiration of the offer, it shall remain valid for a specific period as indicated in the offer, otherwise, it shall be considered as a one-time offer only and shall expire if you don't react to it or otherwise dismiss it,
the offer shall be invalidated in case a Cancellation occurs on one or more of the flights in your Booking prior to your acceptance of the offer,
if you purchase the FlightGuard48 after the Cancellation of one or more flights in your Booking has already happened we have not yet been informed about the Cancellation by the air Carrier, we shall have the right to withdraw from the agreement on the FlightGuard48 and will not be obliged to provide any fulfillment under these Terms & Conditions. In such a case, we shall refund you the purchase price for the FlightGuard48.
Upon purchase of the FlightGuard48, in case of any Cancellation, communicated to us 48 hours or less before the departure of the first flight in your Booking, according to further conditions set out within these Terms & Conditions, you will have the rights as follows:
Arrangement of an Alternative Flight. As soon as we learn about the Cancellation, we will notify you and will try to search for an alternative flight or a combination of flights that would allow you to successfully reach your destination according to the specification of your Booking (“Alternative Flight”). We will present these Alternative Flight options to you and upon your confirmation of your choice of the Alternative Flight option we shall proceed to book you on that Alternative Flight and, if required, pay up to $1,000 so that we can complete that Alternative Flight booking. We may ask you for additional charges should the air Carrier Reservation Price of the Alternative Flight exceeds the $1,000, in which case we will offer you to add such an Alternative Flight to your Booking for the additional fee equal to the difference between the two prices.
We reserve the right to offer you additional fulfilments under FlightGuard48 at our sole discretion. In such a case, we shall make it clear that these additional options are offered as a fulfillment under FlightGuard48. For any such offers, the conditions of these Terms and Conditions shall apply.
The individual options under Alternative Flight arrangements as described above are going to be presented to you via our customer support communication channels. The choice might be time-limited and in case of expiration of the time period indicated by us in the offer, you will lose the right to the fulfillments under these Terms & Conditions.
Upon confirmation of any of the options under the FlightGuard48 as defined in these Terms and Conditions offered to you by us in any way, you assign to us all your rights, titles, and claims against all the air Carriers in the Booking where the FlightGurad48 was offered, arising in connection with any Cancellations of those Flights to a refund of the Carrier Reservation Price under your Contract of Carriage, general contract law, or based on:
Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 February 2004 establishing common rules on compensation and assistance to passengers in the event of denied boarding and of cancellation or a long delay of flights, and repealing Regulation (EEC) No. 295/91 (“EC261”),
Regulation (EU) No. 181/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 February 2011 concerning the rights of passengers in bus and coach transport and amending regulation (EC) no 2006/2004,
Regulation (EC) No 1371/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2007 on rail passengers' rights and obligations, or
any similar applicable national or international act (law, ordinance, regulation, treaty, precedent etc.) that gives you similar rights, titles or claims to a refund against Carriers in case of a Cancellation (“Cancellation Claim”).
For the avoidance of doubt, the Cancellation Claim shall always include only the claim for a refund of the Carrier Reservation Price and not any other possible claims, such as the compensations under Art.7 EC261.
You agree to provide with all reasonably requested authorizations, documentation and assistance in order to enable us, or our authorized subcontractors, to enforce, challenge, or otherwise process the Cancellation Claim.
Should the amount received through successful enforcement of the Cancellation Claim exceed our expenses connected to the fulfillment provided in accordance with the Art. 6.4, 6.5, or 6.6, we will transfer to you the difference upon your request.
Please note that we waive the assignment of the Cancellation Claim to the extent to which you accept the offer for the provision of services consisting of enforcement of the Cancellation Claim by any Third-Party Service Providers, e.g., company AirLegit, provided that such Third-Party Services were acquired through us.
Limitations of FlightGuard48. Under certain conditions, your rights under these Terms and Conditions shall be limited or completely inapplicable. PLEASE READ THIS SECTION CAREFULLY.
Excluded scenarios. The FlightGuard48 does not apply in cases where the Flight Cancellations are caused by extraordinary circumstances affecting the third parties involved in the completion of the Flights. Such circumstances may include, in particular, Business or First class tickets, natural disaster, inclement weather, inclusive of smog, strikes that affect the operation of a Carrier or an airport, significant limitations of airport(s), bus, and train station(s) and/or operations of other places of transition, as well as bankruptcy, and/or insolvency or termination of 50% or more of all Flights of the Carrier, any other effect which significantly limits or disables the Carrier to provide its services. Unless specifically agreed otherwise, in these cases, we shall have no obligations to provide you with any of the fulfillments described under these Terms and Conditions and you shall not have the right to any of the rights defined therein.
Excluded air Carriers. The FlightGuard48 does not apply for the Flights performed by following air Carriers: Azul Conecta; China Eastern; Dalian Airlines; Hainan Airlines; Lion Air; Shenzhen Airlines; Spring Airlines; Tianjin Airlines; Tropic Air; Wings Abadi.
Changes to your Booking and Flight Reservations. If you make any changes to the reservation of your Flights directly with the respective Carriers without obtaining prior agreement from us which either changes the schedule of any flights in your Booking, or changes customer contact details, you will lose your rights under these Terms and Conditions.
Missing the first Flight. If you fail to board the first Flight in your Itinerary due to a situation that is not a Cancellation, you will lose your rights under these Terms and Conditions.
Ancillary purchases by you such as seats, upgrades, check in bags, meals any other insurance costs are not covered by this FlightGuard48.